Who we are

For over 125 years Nappanee First Brethren Church has been committed to loving and serving the community in which God has planted us.  We love Jesus, desire to be more like Him, and want nothing more than to make Him known!  In order to live into that vision we have aligned ourselves to the following mission...

To be LOVERS of God

While becoming TRANSFORMED in Christ Jesus

Thru the POWER of the Holy Spirit

In order to REACH OUT to our world

+ + + + +

The way in which we visually represent this life of Love, Transformation, and Outreach is through a simple triangle that illustrates for us the three great loves Christ exhibited in his life.  As the people of NFBC our aim is to also display a healthy balance of these very same essential dimensions of the Christian life.

  • Jesus loved the Father (UP): We express this through means of devotion, service and worship.
  • Jesus loved those he invested His life into (IN): We share in this through various groups and classes.
  • Jesus loved the world and those far from God (OUT):  We live this out through a variety of ways to give.

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