The what's and who's of our denomination


BYIC stands for Brethren Youth In Christ. The BYIC is this: a movement of students who are impacting their world for Christ through relationships, training and service.

The BYIC functions on 3 levels. From the top down, you have the National level, followed by the District level and finally there is the Local level (that's us).

The National level is made up of youth from 9 different districts from all across the country. The highlight of the National level is the week long National Engage Conference, held each summer. Learn more about the BYIC by checking out

On the District level, Solid Source Youth is one of 30 plus churches and youth groups from Indiana (and one in Ohio) that gather several times a year for combined events. The majority of these events center around the Brethren Retreat Center (our camp). Learn more about the BRC by checking out

Finally there is the Local level. That's us right here in Nappanee. Solid Source Youth focuses its attention on the youth of Nappanee and the surrounding area.

All in all, the BYIC is a wonderful group of youth and adults that are being used of God to impact their world. Join us in the adventure!

the brethren church


Some have described the Brethren and the Brethren Church as "feet washers!" That's true, but we're far more than that. In fact, the Brethren Church is a community of believers steadfast in commitment to Jesus Christ, and obedient to the Bible as our guide for faith and practice. The purpose of our church therefore is focused on worship, discipleship, service and evangelism. Brethren seek to be channels for God's love by being a compassionate community of His ambassadors.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Brethren Church you can visit