our story

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We are affiliated with the Brethren Church (Ashland, OH), an evangelical group with Anabaptist/pietist origins, that formed in Germany in 1708. For more information about the Brethren Church click here. As a local congregation we have been a presence in the Nappannee Community since first being planted by Brethren missionaries in the 1880's. With a long rich history in the area we continue to thrive. Over the years we have moved to two different locations and are now worshiping in our third building. We built at our current location in 1990 and added a significant addition in 2007. Today we are a growing congregation of around 300-400 active people. As we move forward in fulfilling our commitment to our Mission and Values, we are finding new and creative ways to love, bless, and serve the people in the communities where God has placed us. Join us in God's beautiful story!